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  • A domain is good, a free domain izzz better!
    Only in BeeHosting: if you order a hosting account you get a free domain! And your website will have a name straight away! We offer international, Baltic, Russian and Cyrillic domains.

    The detailed information in the "Packages" section.

  • Unlimited hosting izzz now available!
    Enjoy quality hosting only for 3,33 EUR per month (the usual price is 6,33.- per month)! USER UNLIMITED hosting pack: unlimited disk space and E-mail accounts number, unlimited data transfer and other advantages! If you order unlimited hosting from BeeHosting, you can win a whole year USER UNLIMITED hosting pack for free!   Ask our staff!

Domain prices


TLDDomain registrationDomain TransferDomain RenewalOrder
.ee16.65 EUR2.48 EUR16.65 EUR
.eu8.32 EUR8.32 EUR10.82 EUR
.com8.32 EUR8.32 EUR10.82 EUR
.net8.32 EUR8.32 EUR10.82 EUR
.org8.32 EUR8.32 EUR10.82 EUR
.info8.32 EUR8.32 EUR10.82 EUR
.lv19.08 EUR19.08 EUR19.08 EUR
.lt18.58 EUR18.58 EUR18.58 EUR
.fi20.75 EUR3.75 EUR20.75 EUR
.ru16.65 EUR16.65 EUR16.65 EUR
.рф18.34 EUR18.34 EUR18.34 EUR
.us8.15 EUR8.15 EUR9.40 EUR
.me20.82 EUR20.82 EUR20.82 EUR
.biz10.60 EUR10.60 EUR11.60 EUR
.tel15.99 EUR15.99 EUR15.99 EUR
.pro15.99 EUR15.99 EUR15.99 EUR
.xxx99.00 EUR99.00 EUR99.00 EUR
.guru25.99 EUR25.99 EUR25.99 EUR
.pri.ee16.65 EUR2.48 EUR16.65 EUR
.de9.90 EUR9.90 EUR9.90 EUR
.ge200.00 EUR200.00 EUR200.00 EUR
.uk8.99 EUR8.99 EUR8.99 EUR
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About Beehosting

BeeHosting is a modern, reliable and innovative website hosting company with a long operational experience in the field of IT-services. We offer our services to clients not only in Estonia, but also the Baltic States, in Russia and worldwide. Our server rooms are equipped according to highest technical standards, which guarantees integrity and safety of your data, and our support service works quickly and effectively. BeeHosting also offers you buying and registering domains (international, Baltic, Russian and Cyrillic), and website creation - professional web designers and programmers are at your service. BeeHosting services are cheaper than ususal, and the quality level remains high. Regular discounts and special price offers!


Here in BeeHosting you can buy a domain and register it on more favourable conditions than other registrars have to offer you. A domain is your unique address on the Internet. It provides quite a big guarantee that your website will be found by your clients. At this moment BeeHosting sells and registers: international domains (.com, .org, .eu, .net, etc.), Baltic (.ee, .lv, .lt), Russian (.ru, .su) and Cyrillic domains (the most favourable offer on Cyrillic domains in Estonia). Besides, you can also order website
hosting from us!


Website Hosting

BeeHosting offers reliable and affordable hosting for websites of any complexity. Innovative decisions, professionalism and our long operational experience in the field of IT-services allow us offering each client effective, modern and reliable solutions in website hosting. Your information will be safely stored on our powerful servers equipped with pre-installed software necessary for correct and effective work of your website. BeeHosting offers three different website hosting service packs which differ by technical
characteristics, number of additional functions and price.


Online business is a crucial part of modern successful business strategy. BeeHosting offers a full spectrum of services that will help you start your online business right now - a set of effective tools is a t your service! Buy and register your unique domain name, create an effectively working website with regular updates, optimise its work for search engines and promote it! All these services are brought to you by BeeHosting! Having successful online business was never so easy!


It's hard to imagine modern business world and a day of a modern businessman without E-mail. Check your mail in any computer, get rid of spam, receive unlimited number of E-mail accounts with a unique name of your website - BeeHosting makes it all possible. Your E-mail account will be reliable and safe, and your partners and friends will remember your E-mail address faster as it will be connected with the name of your domain.

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